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My name is Ramiro Priegue (AKA Mame), I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June 9th of 1969.
I'm married with
Andrea since 1999 and we have two lovely daughters María Belén (2001) and Victoria Agustina (2004).
I'm Electronic Engineer, graduated from
University of  Buenos Aires, in 1995.

My personal interest include, reading, computers, networking, archery, hiking, outdoor sports, kites, KAP, and  photography.

If you want to see some of my the pictures you can visit my flickr page following this

On Nov 9th 2003, I was chosen the
Seti@home user of the day.
On Sep 27th 2004, my picture "
Old San Juan" was chosen as picture of the day by Kodak.com

You can check my Photos in Flickr

I have been walking around... (countries I have visited)

Contact info:
e-mail: ramiro@priegue.com.ar


Hindi Speaking           (Viaje a India, Ene-Feb'03)
Tequila Speaking        (Viaje a México, Sep'03)
Speaking Bolivariano   (Viaje a Venezuela, Oct-Nov'03)
Napolitano Speaking    (Viaje a Rep. Dominicana Mar'04)
Azteca Speaking         (Viaje a México, Abr'04)